Welcome to my blog. I am a retired educator with interests in photography, aviation, technology, hiking and traveling.

My usual hangout is at Journeys with Johnbo, but occasionally I get a notion to do some creative writing. I follow the WordPress Daily Prompts and have been tempted to try one of their writing challenges. Yesterday’s challenge (6-10-2015), A Dog Named Bob caused me to open my word processor, check my watch and start typing. Less than 20 minutes later, I had my first creative writing blog post.

It didn’t seem appropriate for me to place it in my travel blog, so I spent the next hour creating a new site just for these posts. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for reading this far.

I am a retired educator who likes to travel and take photos. My day job doesn’t pay very well, (writing blog posts for fun and no profit), but I enjoy the traveling to take the photos. And I enjoy processing the images, usually in Adobe Lightroom, occasionally in Photoshop Elements, or if I’m mobile, Snapseed on my cell phone or iPad. Finally, and most importantly, I enjoy sharing my work. What fun would there be to creativity if there were no one to share it with?

When not working at my “day job”, I enjoy aviation and classic cars; technology and hiking.

Welcome to Words by Johnbo. 🙂


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