A Dog Named Bob


Bob looked out the window and saw a bluejay sitting on the mailbox. He was irritated to no end and told everyone within earshot how annoying this can be. “Why don’t they understand how important it is to remove the offender from my property?” he thought.

Bob ran to Daddy and complained, but Daddy simply turned the page on the newspaper and continued to be occupied in something that seemed to be so unimportant compared to the threat being posed right outside the window.

Maybe Jimmy will understand. Bob hustled over to Jimmy who looked up from typing on his computer. At that point, Jimmy got up, shut off the computer, grabbed some books and started toward the front door. “At last”, Bob thought. “Some action!”

“Daddy, my pen is just about out of ink and it’s skipping. Do you have another one that I can take to school, today?” said Jimmy.

“There’s one on the kitchen counter, son.” Daddy went back to his newspaper.

“What’s this?” Bob thought. “Jimmy isn’t going to the door; he’s headed to the kitchen.”

“What’s for breakfast, Daddy?” Jimmy hollered from the kitchen.

Looking up from his newspaper, Daddy scolded, “Don’t shout. I can hear you just fine. Mom left you a waffle before she headed to the school to drop off Kristi. It’s in the fridge. Toss the plate in the microwave… but be careful, syrup gets really hot when it’s microwaved.”

Bob squealed his disappointment. No one is paying attention to the threat just outside our door. Bob trotted over to the window, saw the bluejay was gone and, satisfied that he again protected his home and family from sure disaster, lay down in front of the door, closed his eyes and took a nap.
photo credit: Libby the Labrador via photopin (license)


I just saw yesterday’s daily prompt in my email in-box and the idea of this challenge prompted me to start a new blog. The challenge post for this blog is here. I don’t know how often I will be posting here, but I will try to follow and post responses to creative writing challenges just for the fun of it.

Check out my photo and travel blog at Journeys with Johnbo.


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